Saturday, 27 February 2010

Thought I better do this now, as will be short on time (again) today. I have just taken the plunge and added below bag to the Folksy shop, fingers crossed. Hubby is working hard on the website which now has the 'About Me' page on it, such as it is and links to here and the shop. Also links to a couple of rather talented Arty friends, one who makes lovely Collars who's link is also on here, and the other is a very good pet artist.

The current handbag project is the boucle fabric I purchased yesterday, which is not going so well, think maybe I should have quit a bit earlier last night, but will have another few hours on it later before having to attend a family suprise 70th birthday party which to be honest I would rather be putting my pins in my eyes than attending.

For today's photograph I thought I would introduce you to the Golden Retriever I walk 'Bailey' seen on right with my Tess n Jaja, we took this last year and was rather pleased with it, so much so I had it printed and framed for Bailey's owner.


  1. Hi

    I've just nominated your fantastic blog for a sunshine award



  2. Thank you QuirkyPig, we think they are gorgeous too.
    Nicole, thank you very much for the nomination and congrats and getting the award hope its helped to make you feel better. Going to update the blog bit later, just on a break from sewing still got a couple of hours to do yet.
    Lynda x