Saturday, 20 February 2010

After wondering what on earth to waffle on about today, I was just inspired by 'Setters Delight' blog, another member of the Craft Forum. So, instead of the total self pity I am feeling with the lurgy I have caught from the OH and struggling to get any work done at all today - I am going to begin and introduction of my dogs, who of course are responsible for the crafts I do all being dog related.

The first is Tess, who I adopted 8 years ago in July from Labrador Rescue. A very timid frightened soul who had not had the best of starts, she was first trained badly as a gundog so is gunshy (fireworks of course are a nightmare) then rehomed to the most awful of families who were very violent with her, making her a very nervous girl indeed. Tess is of course much better now, but was so traumatised in her early days we still have the odd wobble, but thats just Tess. She is my lovely baby although we think she may now be around 9 years old she is very fit and enjoys her 2 hour daily walks with the others, as well as the odd little jaunt in the local park.

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