Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Thank you for those who have taken a look at the new blog so far. Also to those who have pointed out the slight 'hitch' in the title, that I hope does not attract the wrong type of viewer, but too late now as the domain name for my website is already bought.

So, they were the first creations I made and very popular with friends and the 'odd' customer, but I still was not too thrilled with them, I wanted a more secure way of fixing a handle and a proper lining with pocket, the first lot seen had neither. So, yet more help from good old Amazon and along came another prototype, which came out a tad larger than I wanted. (See blue bag, with dogs made from curtain fabric and lined from pillow case).

Then I got it, got the lining right and the pocket and the handle more secure, hurray.

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