Thursday, 18 February 2010

Well, today not been the best of days. Seems the job that pays the bills is going to have hours cut yet again, shortly before iminant redundancy. So, rather important I get these sales going soon. Anyway, before that lot of news arriving to wreck my day I had decided to show you my current project. Wondering if I can start a poll on if this will ever be shaped into a handmade handbag or not? Seemed a good idea at the time, but has been very time consuming and I am still at a loss on how to proceed after this and if it will work out or not. I hope so as I have collected rather a lot of recycled, or is that upcycled faux leather for this idea.

You know what its like when you can 'almost' see the finished product in your minds eye but not quite sure how to get there. Oh, in case you cant make it out yet - its going to be a faux leather patchwork handbag, or at least I hope it will. Should be somewhere near its conclusion by Monday next week, when I will of course show the end product wether it works or not, I can take failure - I think.............

Thank you again to the kind people following my blog, once I work out how I will return the favour to those of you I havent managed to yet.

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