Thursday, 25 February 2010

Not enough hours in the day!
But then often the case for me on Wednesday's and Thursday's - the day job gets in the way. Today has also been my lamb delivery day, so was waiting for that then long chat about the said lambs when it arrived. Some dear friends of mine are in the sheep business, its soon lambing season again and I've been asked to start a fun post on our doggie forum to perhaps show the lambs and do some naming. My friends also work their border collies and do dog training, saved my life when we adopted Alfie (the very wayward Labrador) by turning him into a 'fairly' well behaved dog now. So, still got that to do and had to prepare dinner as its agility night tonight with said wayward Labrador. Inbetween time I am also working on another handbag project that I hope to get finished and posted on here soon, but no spare time for that today sadly. My head is back to being full of ideas and I get so cross when I cant get the time to get into them, I really do need at the very least a 48 hour day to fit everything in - how on earth people ever get bored is beyond me.

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