Friday, 26 February 2010

Major upcycle/recycle or whatever you choose to call it today. Well, I got it finished today at least, has taken me a few days of snatched valuable hours. Here is my valuable purchase at the local charity shop 'Southport Lifeboats' I thought this would make a great recycled handbag and it has. I think I am liking this tapestry look and have gone in search of similar fabrics today, nothing doing but I did come back with something to wear for tomorrow nights party and the most fab pair of embroidered jeans which I am hoping will actually fit me. Oh and a rather nice pink boucle skirt which I am hoping to turn into another handbag.

Now going to have a think on whether I like it enough to add it to the Folksy shop or not? Still trying to make my mind up what to add to that one, hence the reason it still only has two items in it. OH has been working hard on the website which was great, till he tells me I have to compose an 'about me' page tonight, yuk not looking forward to that - and choose some links for the links page.

He has been so busy listening to my witterings on the craft forum and everything else related to crafting he is now thinking of starting a shop himself on his photography and personalised items.


  1. Fantastic bag! I wouldn't know where to start making something like that...but you have done a brilliant job! Good luck with the 'About me' page, I keep changing mine and as hard as I try I still can't get it right lol.

  2. Such a lovely bag - I have nominated your blog for the sunshine award! see my blog for more details and to pass on the award:

  3. Thank you both, very kind of you. (Guess who should be doing the About Me page)

    Many Many thanks Rainbowfizz, off to look at the Sunshine award thingumy.