Friday, 19 February 2010

EDIT AGAIN - Feedback received, which I am thrilled with......... (unfortunatly I cant paste on here it wont let me, but the lady loved her handbag and attention to detail in packaging, so I am feeling far more positive - very kind of her to take the time to send me such a lovely message too)

Struggling on what to write today, and on that terrible thing of LACK OF TIME. OH is at home and has man flu, but worse than that he had a brain storm and decided we should do that much needed job of cleaning up the bedroom and under the bed, rather a large time consuming task especialy on shopping day. So now thats all done left with an hour or so to get some catching up done on here and with the sewing (see faux leather patchwork below!).

So the only thing I can think of is a picture of one of my bags currently on sale on Ebay, I thought it was great, but seems I am alone in that thought - or is it the usual thing of Ebayers looking for merely 'cheap and cheerful'?

Anyway, here is my lovely recycled handbag of a rather stunning Golden Retriever by Pollyanna Pickering.

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