Thursday, 1 July 2010

How does your garden grow?

Some of you may know I have been relisting all my handbags and backpacks with new and improved photographs. Thought you may like to see the lovely garden I used for this. Dont tell the owner of the garden, as this is not the garden at its best, all the dog photoshoots I did for her I had to redo the grass to hide the patches. Past pictures of the garden I did for her are known as "BM" which stands for "Before Mac" the young Flatcoated retriever came to live there, he has ruined the lawn and eaten most of the wonderful plants that were there.

The last handbag is not listed yet, one of the new items I have to list in my Folksy Store once I have done all the rest, its a daily job.
I am currently on with the handbags and backpacks for the nature shop, and the 9 dog vests I had to do, which are taking a long time as I have found bias binding not to be my most favored task, so having to try do one per day as the binding leaves me somewhat short tempered it takes so long to do and so fidly, I have no plans to EVER use it again at the end of all this. I was also lucky enough to receive a custom request yesterday so I am also busy designing that one.

Hope you get a chance to take a look at the new improved photographs in my Folksy Shop, I think it looks much brighter in there now.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. WOW, I bet that garden takes a bit of managing! I think most lawns look like that at the moment with all this heat ;)

    Just had a peek a your Folksy shop...thats one good thing about all this sunshine, it certainly makes a difference with the photos...they are really good.

    Just one thing though..I am not convinced about having your bags draped over may put people off (dirt)..but thats probably just me being well...ME!


  2. With a garden like that 'one has a gardener' you know LOL.

    Thanks Mick, Critique appreciated - you may have a point there, just my luck anyway.