Monday, 5 July 2010

Thank you Hubby

Thank You Pictures, Images and Photos

Sorry for lack of blog posts. Catastrophe stuck last week and down went our mail server, good few hours off line altogether till hubby devised a way to get us back, however I had no access to all our documents and files stored on said server. It is now officially deceased and we need to try raise funds to replace it soon.
Meanwhile good old hubby painstaikingly copied everything from hard disc to an external drive (or something like that) so I could get all my business documents and photo's back. I must also thank Mick from shpangle jewellery for his kind offer of help after my irrate SOS at weekend.

I can now resume my daily listings with my shiny new photo's taken in below spectacular garden.

Today I have been trying to learn the art of hat making - yes, I know I should have been working on my orders and the dog vests but fancied a change and need to work on some winter stock. I have found out why not many people do this, if I ever master it this will be nothing short of a miracle. My current major problem is how on earth to construct and fix a peak to a hat, I have also found there is very little info on this out there, luckily a nice lady on the Craft Forum as come to my rescue and offered a little help, so next time I am fancing a day of hat making I am in with a chance of actually constructing something that resembles a hat.


  1. WOW, Is there nothing you can't do! Very few people make hats so you are onto a real winner there..I can't wait to see them!

    Well done to your hubby for recovering the files and if there is anything I might be able to help you with please ask.


  2. Yes, make hats it seems! Still looking for more help on that one, dont hold your breath yet.

    Took over 24 hours to recover files, not an ideal way to be operating and still not got all we need. Will certainly shout out if we think of anything, thanks again.