Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Patchwork Handbag of many colours

I just had to post this one. This is actually known as the Loud Liz Handbag, as it was a custom order, unfortunatly it seems it was not LOUD enough so has now gone for sale in the Folksy shop, for now. Having grown rather attatched to it, it may not be there long as I may well decide to keep it myself as of course I dont have enough handbags?? What girl does.

Today (and yesterday) I have been trying to learn the art of the 'Tote Bag' something I have not done before, but another request meant I had to learn fast. It was going well, and I had hoped to finish my first this evening... Unfortunatly I have this silly white lumpy thing on my lower eyelid that started off as just an itchy nuicance but has now got worse in the heat and is obstructing my vision, so had to give up the sewing for tonight and hope it gets better soon.

Having managed the whole week of dog walks in the dry, despite the heavy downpours at other times of the day, tomorrow will be the day I get wet. My friend Sian has the day off and is coming with me, that means I am in for a soaking - whenever Sian arrives on the dog walk she brings the rain with her, and as she has got soaked all week and I havent she has even threatened to do it on purpose, I have such great friends.

So, watch this space - or maybe the Folksy shop space, for new designs in Tote Bag form, SOON!!!

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