Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Bees and some Frogs

So, I dashed out between downpours to photograph a few new tote bags ready to list in the folksy shop this week. Turned out to be a real challenge, as it may have stopped raining but photographing tote bags in the wind is rather interesting, that and the company of the bee's too made it a real fun time.
I am really enjoying my new range of tote bags with a few new fabrics and themes thrown in, and getting the hang of it now I think. As Mr Bee was buzzing around I thought I would try get some snaps of him too, I managed three then he buzzed off, obviously not keen on being the centre of attention.

Tonight I have started on LOUD bag number 2, see if I can please my original customer, the last one wasnt loud enough it seems, so I have tracked down some new fabrics for another attempt, surely this one MUST be loud enough? If not hopefully it will make someone else happy, has a bit of a hippy theme about it, and lots of very bright colours.

I finally finished the stock for the wildlife shop hopefully they will be off soon, this week will be working on more new pretty things for Folksy shop and some stock for a dog show in a couple of weeks, busy busy bee!

Bags of Swank by SimJaTa

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