Saturday, 17 July 2010

Hat Making, harder than it looks

So, Bags of Hats by SimJaTa just might take a while longer than I anticipated. See picture of the first three failed attempts. The pixie like hat the fabric was too stiff, the tweed one has a cockeyed brim, the paw prints wasnt too bad just a tad oversized.
I then went onto a hopefully more forgiving fleece, still needs a wee bit of work - still made a change from the paper bag idea when I put one on my head and it covered my face!
I would dearly love to attend a course on Millinery, but no such thing available in my area. The first three I made (or make that tried to make) from a pattern, today I gave up on that idea and just went for it with far better results, though as I say a way to go yet.
Hubby reminds me that making handbags and backpacks began the same way and as for my first attempt at patchwork................
Its just really hard to try learn a new craft when work is piling up around my ears, might have another couple of hours at it tomorrow, but then really must get on with the bread and butter stuff.

Hopefully I will have made at least one person out there smile today with my feeble attempts.


  1. Good joh you have a sense of humour. The fleece ones look nice. I can knit them that shape but have never had the courage to do what you are doing.

  2. Thanks Carol, I think in this game we all need a sense of humour. I just wish i could knit.

  3. I think these are fantastic. I wouldn't even know where to start! Well done you for having a go!

    Jacqueline x

  4. Thank you Jacqueline, took an awful lot of research to find out were to start, and as you see a few odd shapes LOL.

    Lynda x

  5. There are some good books on hat making, I've aquired one called The Hat Book by Juliet Bawden, just with the idea that I might one day......... check it out I found mine on the for sale shelf at my library but there's a copy on amazon for 18p!