Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hello from Alfie and week update

Hello from Alfie, this is one of his portrait shots taken a few weeks back. Alfie is busy training for the big game fair, as our club are competing against Battersea Dogs. The boy is doing well, just a shame he cant master distance stays, Labradors just want to be with you so not so good at that one.

Apologies for lack of blogs, I am struggling with what on earth to witter on about and spent the week searching for new novelty fabric idea's, I finally have it - vintage fabrics on way for my features, and many a shop to charity place for majority, the farm shop have almost sold out and want more stock, I have a custom order to start, almost done the wildlife shop order, then onto the sheep bags (hopefully), also need to get some fresh items in the Folksy shop was doing well when I relisted each day, gone a bit quiet again now.

Of course most of all I need more hours in the day and the ability to cope on less sleep. It might be raining at long last but still warm, especially at night. Dogs are getting fed up of early walks and starting to wake up and be pests in the afternoon when I am trying to work.

Oh dear, after reading Alison's far more interesting post maybe I should just shut up till I have something far more interesting to witter on about. STill you can always look at Alfie's cute picture, or my Folksy Shop:)

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Great photo of Alfie and his fluffy pal!

    Hope you do well at the fair and Alfie remembers what he is doing!

    I know what you mean about the heat and animals - they really do let you know how little they are enjoying it, don't they!

    Thanks for the kind comment about my blog rambling, I wouldn't worry, I always enjoy reading your posts so you can't be doing too badly!

    Ali x

  2. Thanks Ali, sometimes wonder if I am wittering away to myself.

    Lynda x

  3. Hi Lynda!

    Glad things are going wonderfully well for you!...I might be a little quiet over the next couple of weeks as I am having a little break.

    Hope the fair goes well :-)


  4. Hi Mick
    Take Care and have a good break.