Friday, 23 July 2010

My first Tote Bag

After a bit of research I noticed these tote bags are rather popular, so thought I would have a go. After a visit to my super talented friend and learning how to do correct bases I got the hang of it. So much for something quicker to create though, takes me as long to do this as it does to make a backpack, and as they dont need the 4 yards of cord they cost less to make, so for the customer less to buy.

I have listed this one in my Folksy shop, and have another to list tomorrow, one made for one of my outlets, and another cut out ready which I was going to make a start on tonight, but seem to have somehow put my back thats it for today, perhaps a bit too much bending over sewing machine.

I sold the lovely LOUD handbag seen in below post yesterday so that went off to the post this morning, and now on the look out for something LOUDER still to see if I can get it right for the original customer, I do say in my shop 'I love a challenge' and this is certainly that, but fun with it.


  1. Cute!!
    Hope your back gets better soon

  2. Oh, thank you Gemma - better now, serves me right for carrying too many shopping bags in at once.
    Lynda x