Saturday, 10 July 2010

Thank you Phytobotanica

Thank you to the lovely people at Phytobotanica - the local Lavender Farm, which can be found here - After a lot of emails we finally got to meet up today and they have agreed to try some of my products in their craft area. So, you can find my handbags, backpacks, Lavender Wheat Bags and sachets at this beautiful oasis. I hope the Image worked from their website of the Lavender fields. My next task is to locate some lavender fabric to create some new bags.
Sales going very well, this week I have sold 4 bags from my Folksy shop which is rather good news.

I have nearly finished the dreaded dog vests, all made up now just 4 left to add the fasteners on. I then have to start on another lot of stock for next outlet, the 7 bags I have on order for Christmas presents, and some more stock for Manic Organic who are getting a bit depleted.

I have an enforced day off tomorrow as the in-laws are visiting and taking us out for lunch, they come quite a distance so will be with us most of the day. Not had a day off for some time so I suppose I should welcome one and enjoy the break ready to start the week on Monday. Just wish the heat would subside a bit, finding both dog walking and sewing tough going in all this heat.

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  1. Well done for the Folksy sales and all your other lovely orders!

    That Lavender farm looks lovely and I can imagine you can smell the lovely smell for miles!