Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Old Handbag, new Photo - Rough Collie

Thought I would list early in the day for me today, I rather like this photograph shows off this stunning handbag rather well for the Rough Collie fan.

Its one of the first handbags I created but the naff photo's really did not do it justice, hopefully this one and the others listed in the Folksy Shop will.

Been out on the dog walk today, not much fun dodging all the machinery for the up and coming ladies golf. Off out this afternoon too, so the sewing will be rather late today, really must get on with these dog vests still got 3 to go and all the fasteners to do, be rather relieved when they are all finished.


  1. I agree that is a lovely picture of your bag and the natural lighting really does make a difference! Talking of golf, if you know of any lady golf players, could you find out what type of ball markers they use (magnetic stick to the hat type or standard)...I will let you know why soon lol


  2. Thanks Mick, I dont know any lady golfers but my uncle was president of the golf club so he should know, try remember to give him a call later.