Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Liz Loud Handbag Collection - and card fraud

Here is my second attempt at the Liz LOUD handbag, this one the customer (oddily enough called 'Liz') bought it, and loved it, hurray!!! As both handbags have proved quite popular, Liz suggested I make it a collection. So, in the next few weeks Liz Loud Handbag 3 will be announced. Before that I have Liz Loud Tote Bag, which will be listed this week.
Sales are coming along, I am very pleased to have reached double figures on my Folksy shop, which I thought would take far longer to achieve. Still finding it hard to find enough hours in the day to keep up though, as I also have private orders and outlets to keep stocked up and visit.

Yesterday I tried to purchase my labels on-line, to find my card was declined, phoned up local bank no problem with card or account, tried to order by phone and the card was declined again. After some hours I eventually found a real person to speak to at the complaints department for main bank, and was then put through to fraud dept were it transpired someone had used my card and the bank had flagged it, so to cut a very long story short I had my card stopped, so now have no card and no way to use my paypal account till I can sort it out, which is not ideal when trying to run a business, gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, how do these people sleep at night? Hanging is just too good for them.

Luckily as I have made sales on line, I can now purchase the daughters birthday gifts I have faved on Folksy - so off to do some shopping now, Folksy here I come!


  1. Now, if I were to have a handbag that would certainly be the handbag that I would have! My wife would so love that bag (I feel a xmas pressy coming on).

    Ouch about the card, it makes you realise how much you depend upon it when something like that happens. Have you managed to track down the culprit?

    Hope things get sorted soon for you


  2. Hurray, thats great that you approve of the Liz collection Mick.

    The bank say they have some details so are trying to track down the culpret but depends on if details were false, they do have a name and address.
    Like having my arm cut off here with no card, still it does stop me from buying more fabric LOL.