Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year to you all, may 2012 make all your wishes come true.

Yesterday my dogs and Bailey (the retriever I walk) had a great, and rather wet walkies with thier friends, not as many of us as usual for New Years Day as it was totally pouring down.

I am wondering whether or not to start a new blog for my art learning curve? or just stick to here? thoughts needed, see how it goes - as I am getting totally hopeless at advertising my Etsy shop and those of my crafty friends, but please do click on the Etsy shop link and take a look at my wares, and other fab crafters, you just might have a few pennies left to spend and well worth spending with the super crafts on Etsy.

The art work has continued, though I did have a bit of a setback over the weekend, when I foolishly showed the family what I have been doing, when will I ever learn? cant say they were very supportive, and their lack of enthusiasm 'almost' made me give up... but then I remembered the same thing when I started Bags of Swank, and they still think I should 'get a proper job'.

Anyway, here is my first 'real' painting, its adapted from artwork by Jean Dunand so not my own work entirely, I swapped the 'Deer' she had for Greyhounds.

Today, I had another go with the graphite pencils, I have been doing some study of how to achieve shading and how to draw 'fur' of course still needs an awful lot of practice but I do think I am 'slowly' improving.

Lastly, I was telling my team on Etsy about my sketch of the president, not one of my greatest efforts, again practice for shading really - I think he looks a bit like a spitting image puppet, my Dad asked if it was Rowen Atkinson? My Mum hadnt got a clue who it was 'meant' to be.. definatly back to the drawing board I know but I am working hard at it - my Dad has threatened to show his bottom on the town hall steps if I ever sell any artwork, so I will be sure to take the camera for that occasion.. their continued lack of enthusiasm does tend to spur me on more, along with the vow never to bother showing anything else I do.

Thankfully, my husband and a few of my closest friends are very supportive. Infact my oldest friend Julie has also picked up her pencils again after 30 years, so we are having a great time chatting about our efforts and showing each other what we do, she is very good - if she ever sends me anything by email I will show you. While I am working on Donkeys at the moment, she is doing Elephants - so sure they will be fabulous.

Ok, thats enough for today - back to work for many tomorrow, I really must do a bit more with my Etsy shop, I have started listing each day with the Craftyfolk team and made my first sale of the year yesterday.

Remember, life is too short not to follow your dreams, be sure to do what YOU want its your life!

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. I think you are showing great potential. Love the donkey and yes, I can see the President in your sketch. I used to sit sketching a lot a few years ago and remember one occasion I was sitting on a fishing platform by a lake. It was all so quiet and I sat for some time quite still and a little water rat came up to the platform and carried out his personal ablutions, cleaning whiskers and fur thoroughly, it was a lovely feeling.
    Sorry about that, couldn't resist telling you of it. Keep it up, you will sooo enjoy it.

  2. The Greyhound picture is fantastic and the pencil work is improving leaps and bounds in such a short space of time...keep this up and you will be selling. You have got to have belief (oh and talent which you obviously already have). I regularly have to endure the un-supportive family thing (not with my immediate family) but for some reason Mums and Dads expect more (I put it down to jealousy)...whatever dreams my own son/daughter have in their lives I will support them all the way.

    Can't wait for your first painting to be listed so that I can buy it and you get to take that photo!!!

  3. Thanks Carol, thats just it I find it all so enjoyable and cant wait for warmer days to sit out sketching.

    Thank you Mick, always a great support to me - remember long ago it was you that got me to carry on with Bags of Swank when I almost gave up. I do wonder sometimes if family members are jealous they have not followed their own dreams.

    LOL, OH offered to buy one for 10p as it would still be a sale. I think you will have plenty of time to save up yet, but thank you anyway.

  4. Lynda, you are really improving, your greyhounds and donkey are lovely. Portraits are always very difficult as people see different things in peoples faces. But I think you captured the main features.
    I think those that are following your drawing, know to find you here. I had the same problem, deciding whether to set up a new blog, when I started my studio, but in the end I decided it was best to stay where people knew how to find me.

  5. Janice, thank you so much for taking the time (again).

    Will stay put then, but really must start varying my waffle LOL.

  6. Oh! How perfect Lynda! Perhaps I should pick up my pencil and give it a try again too! I wish I lived near you, we could have so mucg fun, although we might get less done and you might find Jaja missing... ooops!

  7. I know nothing about art but I think the greyhound picture shows that you definitely have a talent for it, I love the keep going and keep up with your mantra "Remember, life is too short not to follow your dreams, be sure to do what YOU want its your life!"

  8. Thanks Eva, yes you should its very relaxing and enjoyable. I wished you lived nearer too, and no worries you would soon bring misery guts back again.

    Thank you Trish, you are right I must remember that mantra, be sure to remind me if I start to flag.