Sunday, 22 January 2012


I think I finally have it, after an awful lot of reading and experimenting I am having a crack at whimsical art, from what I read this is about taking a real image and adding your own take on it, lets face it I have not quite mastered making it look identical LOL, but that was never the idea. So, I chose a few subjects and put on my own take on them, wondering if I can turn these into cards? might just have a try. Here is my take on an owl, I thought he was quite sweet, also mixed media I have used inks, pastels and watercolours throughout.

Here is my frog, I never showed you but I have countless drawings of frogs, never quite managing to get their feet right, but with whimsical you can add your own, and try give their own little personality.

Lastly here is Fiona the fish, started from a goldfish image and somewhat expanded.

Whilst resizing I then had a bit of a play in photoshop, not sure if I like the originals or the digitally modified versions, so here they are with a bit of PC drama..

I am still practising the calligraphy, about an hour a day as it is starting to feel a bit like 'lines from school', but its getting there.. then I find myself doodling around it. Had to stop doing lines and do some quotes to make it more interesting to learn.

Going to have a go at printing out some cards and 'maybe' try them on sale see how they go..

Hope you had a good weekend, as usual all over far too quickly - soon be time to start another new week, dont know were the time goes!



  1. Ooooh I LOVE the owl well done they are looking great :) x

  2. Thanks Hannah, looking forward to viewing your ACEO' still.

  3. Fantastic Lynda, love the frog, all the pics are so vibrant. You reminded me there about lines at school - remember getting 500 of them for smoking, and you helping me to write them out at lunch time lolol x

  4. I like the originals best and Fionamis fantastic, so well done

  5. Thanks for that Julie, lines lines lines and I remember mine all too well.

    Thanks Caroline, cant make my mind up myself.

  6. Lovely happy drawings! I like the originals best and still can't make my mind up whether I agree with digitally modified art??


  7. Hello! I love how vibrant your drawings are, and I prefer the originals I think.
    Just seen your comment on my blog - I've just changed the photo of my canvas to show the true colours better (first photo was rubbish!)
    I reckon your family and mine must be related if we're ALL the world's most untidyest, lol!
    It's good to be back x

  8. Thanks Mick, I like happy drawings, perhaps just leave the digital bit then.

    Hi Zoe, great to see you back - been following some of your blog links, got some great advice from them.