Tuesday, 27 December 2011

First attempt at pastel

I have been challenged to put each day's artwork right here on my blog! Dont worry, I have NOT taken up that challenge, but do intend to keep a record here in the hope we will all one day say some improvement. Today was not a good day at the easel.

Somebody thought it would be a good idea for me to try pastel, might have been an idea if I had learnt how first, not straight in then think... 'this is not going well, maybe I should find out how' Of course drawing is not my strong point, so I did a quick frog sketch then went for it (feel free to laugh here)

Its meant to be frogs in a tree hollow surrounded by flowers and trees, at least that was in my head. On a quick spot of research I found you can also add water to pastels, so I tried a bouquet from my head (yes, it is supposed to be a bouquet, LOL)

Disovering that a wee bit more research was quite obviously needed for the pastel thing, I got out the new brushes and had a quick practice, in case you were wondering I have been studying chinese art - I have the theory, but not quite the practice yet, but still I did enjoy it.

During today's research and study I have reached the decision it is highly unlikely the SimJaTa Art shop will be opening on Etsy next year - just now I am planning around 2017, so make yourself comfy for the wait.

One of my jobs before the end of the year is to work out a schedule so I can fit in the sewing to keep the Etsy shop fresh, and pleny of art time and study, this inbetween life in general - there must be a way, after all I only sleep for around 7 hours, so that leaves 17 hours in theory, 3 hours a day dog walking, cooking, washing, parent sitting, dog club, shopping..... well maybe the sleep will have to go? sure there is a way, just needs some thought....

Off to do some sketching..

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Wow you are doing well, Pastels are hard to draw with so the frogs are great. You have some lovely brush strokes in your painting and I can see that you are going to be quite expressive with them. Try and use a similar technique with the pastels and you will be well away.
    A tip for drawing, get a photo of something you would like to draw, Turn it upside down and draw it. It helps you to draw what you actually see not what you think you see.
    Looking forward to seeing you work as it progresses
    Janice x

  2. Those are really good. Like everything else it takes practice and each medium has its own particular challenges. Myself I like pastels and also enjoy charcoal. Love the fact that I can get my fingers in and smudge and rub. But then I was always a mucky worker. lol

  3. Thank you so much Janice, so kind of you to take the time - I will certainly give that a go.

    Thanks Carol I will persevere.

  4. You did really well with the pastels...when I tried them I was left with a smudged mess!

    I know exactly what you mean about not having enough time in the day and wish that they could be made longer!


  5. What and I didnt? should have seen the cat I did yesterday, looked more like a kangaroo in a bruise, I am now awaiting a book!

    Never enough hours in the day, I am still waiting for easily obtained meal pills, so everyone can just take a pill and save me on cooking and washing up.

  6. You are doing great Lynda! Some people have a lot of many talents. I wish I could at least sing if nothing else...
    Hey what is the plan? Wanna do some art for your best friend Eva´s walls?
    Which reminds me... I am wondering if day is longer in UK perhaps? Do you guys have a day for more then 80 hours or something that you manage so many things? :-O!

  7. Hi Eva
    Oh yes, the long term plan would deffo be something for Eva's wall:)
    How I wish the day was that long here in the UK, sadly not.