Sunday, 8 January 2012

Time to try ACEO

Each day whilst I browse the daily listing thread from the Craftyfolk team on Etsy Craftyfolk
I alwasy admire our artists, they are so talented. I have noticed that many of them do very well with ACEO's, which are minature art trading cards 3.5" x 2.5". So, I thought I would have a go at these, wow what hard work it was, hard enough trying to draw on a normal scale, but I found trying to draw so tiny even harder, makes me realise just how talented these artists really are, and its nowhere near as easy as they make it look. Here are my attempts from this week... Not sure how this got in here, its my pastel drawing of a donkey, not an ACEO but now he is here you may as well see him too..

Here is one of the first ACEO's, not brilliant as my poor deceased Greyhound is not that good a likeness, this was done from a photograph taken on our holidays a few years back, meant to be my beloved late Greyhounds Dave and Zola.

This one is my attempt at a tiny tulip, done in watercolour and pencil.

Here is my ACEO Sunflower..

This was 'meant' to be poppies, but think we will just call it 'flowers'

Yes, I do have a thing for donkeys, here is one from a photograph taken at the Donkey Sanctuary in Derbyshire..

Having joined the Strathmore on line art class, this week our course work is on Doodles, believe it or not I have never done doodles before.. this lead me to take a closer look at Zen Doodles which I have had a play with, wonder what Zoe our Queen of Zen Doodles will have to say (sorry Zoe, not quite in your league yet). This is the second one I did, I really enjoyed it, very relaxing and a lot of fun..

This was the first one I had a go at, more research was needed clearly - so had another look around after this..

I have finished my course work for the class, and taken the photo's - oh dear me, really not in the same league as the other artists there, but still it was a lot of fun and I got to make an awful lot of mess using all the media, as the first class is to try mixed media and a stencil and free doodle drawing. Might treat you to that one next time, meanwhile I am awaiting OH to set me up a new email so I can create a new flickr account and join in there with the other class members. Now the rest of today is 'meant' to be working on my Etsy shop and sorting out some listings for the week.. will I do that? or will I just start doodling again...

Hope you all had a great weekend, and my attempts make you smile..



  1. Well done you on your creations this week, I think they are fab. Love the sunflower and zen doodles these are also done as quilts not sure how yet

  2. Thanks Caroline, yes I have seen doodles in sewing, was making me wonder how to encorporate them into a bag, still in the head of planning that one though.

  3. Lovely, specially the little donkeys ! Keep at it !

  4. I have always wanted to have a go at Zen doodles Lynda and have just not around to it...looks very relaxing!


  5. Thanks Susie.

    You must have a go Mick, they are great fun.

  6. Fab stuff Lynda, loving the zen doodles, lovely sunflower and the donkey is so sensitively drawn. Well done mate x

  7. Wow Lynda, I'm really impressed with your ACEO. I especially like your zen doodles and the flowers. Jen x

  8. Thank you Jen, you are too kind. Look forward to you making a start you keep threatening too!

  9. Oh Lynda, you do make me blush! "Queen of zendoodles"!! And your lovely comment on my blog earlier really touched me, thank you. I'm so pleased you're getting a journal and have caught the zendoodling bug - those in the post above are really good xx

  10. Well done you are doing great I love the delicateness of the flowers and I admire your zen doodles x