Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Day off, to take away pressure

I followed some fabulous advice from a blog link on Zoe's blog, basically stop trying so hard. I was spending all my time desperatly trying to create something fabulous, too much pressure. So yesterday was a day off to just play with paint, pencils and inks. I did the above painting in my journal for fun and straight from my head (how worrying is that?) obviously my poor little people need some work, but the rest of it wasnt too bad, and I enjoyed it, used inks, watercolours and coloured pencils.

My mermaid was my very first attempt at drawing with indian ink and a dip pen, then painted her in watercolour and added inks to the background sea (yes, its meant to be sea) but again, relaxed and just had fun.

Not sure if you can read this, found out later the blue ink is rubbish and not water proof, but this was my free art journal time, after being very lucky enough to win a super book "Journal Bliss by Violette" on Darlenes blog "Freenie Belle - Living the Creative Life", everyone should have this book, as Violette says 'cheaper than a therapist'.. Now I am lucky enough not to sufer from depression (but I have done many years ago) but to anyone who does, this book is made for them, such a positive book with suggestions on how to 'let it all out' in your journal.
For me, the Art Journal is to create and have fun (well it is now I read the book) also the more practice done the greater the improvement. So I am going to (at least try hard too) stop trying and relax and enjoy.

Also need to sort out a chair, to try stop the neck ache that is causing some grief, must be a way, so going to try an adjustable chair from the other room, and perhaps look out for a more suitable stool or something to put myself at a better height, so frustrating not being able to do as much as I would like, though I do keep loosing hours worth of time.

Wont get much done today, got to go out soon and its dog class tonight - but hope to find an hour later at least to pick up a pencil for a while.

Todays lesson to anyone feeling the pressure - take some time out, it helps.



  1. You can tell that you have enjoyed yourself. Somewhere, buried deep in my workroom I have a bag of watercolour paints. You make me feel as if I should look them out. Perhaps I will think about it a bit first. lol.

  2. I love your journals they are so inspirational. Yup you enjoyed yourself alright think this often happens just sit and chill and the creating comes. Just sort your chair out must be comfortable.

  3. I've just been looking at all your different projects on your blog. Lovely
    and thanks for visiting my folkart post

  4. Really like the way you have done the mermaid's hair and scales...wish I could take some time out and do something fun like that!


  5. Carol, dont think about it 'do it'!

    Caroline, I think you have told us this many times before - still trying to just sit back and enjoy, but still taking effort.

    Hi Liz, thank you for taking a look - I love your blog sure you will see more of me there.

    Mick, as Carol - course you can find time, we can always find time somewhere, would love to see you doing some zen doodling.

    Thank you all for taking time to comment, much appreciated - your encouragement really does help.

  6. Wow love the trees in your park picture, you can see you are developing and getting a style. The mermaid is very pretty and your attention to details is great. Its nice to let loose once in a while isn't it. A good chair is a good idea, but I think you should learn to relax when you paint, the neck pain could be you concentrating so much, and tensing up, most people don't appreciate how intense and tiring it can be painting. I also have to remind my students to drink as they can get dehydrated.

    Thanks for you continuing support and comment on my blog x

  7. A week or so ago I decided I was going to do a bit more sketching and doodling, I don't do enough. It's good that you have found it relaxing and doesn't always have to be serious.
    Make sure you do a few stretches, roll your shoulders and your neck to keep them from stiffening up. Also as Janice says, don't forget to drink plenty. Most of all, Have Fun :o)

    Jan x

  8. Thank you Janice and Jan, genious's!

    I followed your advice today, tried to relax more and do some stretches, and drink more.

    Result much better, few aches but nothing like I was getting.

    Thank you both so much.

    Janice, I love your blog - enjoy following.

  9. Oh I like your mermaid, and her stylised sea. Thanks for visiting me. I can see why you like the folk art, you seem to be heading in that direction:)

  10. Thanks Liz, interesting observation.. I do love folk art, always have - had a few bags made from the fabric too.

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for the comments on my blog, glad to hear you are enjoying it!!

  11. I enjoy popping in and seeing how you are doing with your drawing and I can see it is your new passion and that you really enjoy it...what a great idea an art journal is, love the idea of letting it all out with doodles...will definitely look into that and may have to take your advice Linda and just get the pencils out and have a go! Your blog is so inspiring xx