Thursday, 5 January 2012

My talented friend

As promised on a previous post, my friend Jules has sent me her artwork. Bare in mind we have been friends for... erm... a very long time (we were christened on the same day in the same church) but dont see each other as often as we should. On my annual Christmas visit I told her I had picked up the paints and pencils to have a go at learning art, she sat there over the large glasses of wine we had, open mouthed... I didnt think it was THAT strange.. Then she dashed off to show me, she too had started up art last year, though having gone a bit further than I at school she is much better at it, but we are now sharing our fun and sure as a result will see more of each other this year (that is of course if we can put the paints down long enough)

Before I forget, also thank you to Zoe - who has just distracted me by her blog post of her wonderful work and told us of an on-line art course that I have signed up for and sent the link to Jules too.

Here is Julie's work;

Starting with my fave of the parrots

Next one is of her nephew Connor

Jules friends dog 'Dee'

mmh, now she did tell me... I think this is a friends granddaughter

Simple, but lovely

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I, I did try to do this blog post last night but by the time I had joined the online art class Zoe recommended, blogger had got too tired for the night and refused to load my pics. Hoping to have another go with ACEO's today, so might treat you to those efforts next time.



  1. Oh that was a suprise...thanks for putting my art on your blog and your kind comments. Spooky how we both picked up the pencils again at the same time!
    Yep, the little girl is Trish's grandchild. Hope to see a lot more of you this year my treasured friend x

  2. Oh wow, this is wonderful artwork Jules! The one of your friend's grandaughter is amazing, she looks so cute :)

    Lynda, I'm sorry I have been distracting you so much, lol! I'm really glad to hear you've signed up for one of the workshops, which one did you choose? Thanks for the mention :)
    I've been working on The Sketchbook Project today, will blog it later tonight. x

  3. Thanks Zoe, need more practice, especially on the hair. Getting the hang of this blogging now - hope this posts as me and not "unknown" rofl x

  4. Oh lord, she's found out how to use blogger LOL. Welcome oh talented one.

    Zoe, I signed up for them all - just had far too many distractions none of which as good as yours, off to have a proper look now.

    Jules, go look at Zoe's blog, you will love it.

  5. lol Lynda...I need L plates on for this blogging malarkey! Now following Zoe's blog - wow, some wonderful art going on, absolutely love it x

  6. Doing great Jules, glad you are following Zoe she is a great talent and a lovely lady.

  7. Oh, and when you see Wellydog post on my blog, you should follow her too - amazing artist.

  8. Oh! I came here to reply to your comment on my blog Lynda, and discovered you two have been talking about me behind my back!! LOL ;)
    I'm blushing! Great to hear you've signed up for all the courses, I wasn't sure about the other two, will leave them for the moment as I've got enough to keep me busy for now.
    As for your comment on my blog - yes I'm feeling better these days, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine. Still have the occasional bad day and still having anxiety attacks but less frequent now. The doodle art is a wonderful release and is so...'freeing' if that's a word.

    Jules - thank you for following my blog, welcome to the blogosphere and I second the idea of following Wellydog Janice, she's excellent (as is Lynda! But you knew that.)

  9. Will you swap ACEO with me? I could make one for you ;-)

  10. Glad you are better Zoe, I just did my very first doodle aceo, what a fab thing - not got time to finish off my course work today so gave it a go.

    Eva, you may not want to when you see them LOL, but will certainly do you a swap when I get anything you like, when I get some more time to scan and sort pics I will blog about my aceo venture.

  11. Will get back to you dear. Once I make some, so that I have something what I can readily swap ;-)