Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Are we having fun yet?

Cant tell you just how much I am enjoying this, I can just about see these ACEO things now, so got on with a few more. These are illustrated with ink and coloured with either inks or coloured pencil, depending on which I feel appropriate (get me). I think these are a vast improvement on the first flowers I tried to draw way back when, and I quite liked the giraffe too.

I am really loving the zen doodles, purchased some new pens which I am finding far easier than the 0.6 graffic pen I was using before, these are a bit of fun with the Nerd and the flowers who is penciled grey to make him look more boring, and the little girl presenting flowers to her Mum.

A bit more fun here with my own Alien appearing in the doorway to say 'hi' and the VW Camper in a dream bubble with hippy colour doodles.

I have now got very brave and ordered some ACEO sleeves, not sure if I am good enough to sell yet, but I already have one offer for a swap so might see how that goes for a bit of fun. Also awaiting my very first Art Journal, again inspired by the wonderful works Zoe (Fordy) does, gives me somewhere to plan out my ideas, and if all else fails I can bore you all to death with what I do in there LOL.

Must confess I have done very little with my Etsy shop this week, but as look would have it I was selected for the team treasury this week, so everyone else in the Craftyfolk
has been including me in their fantastic treasuries, I have had one sale from one already and higher views, wish it was my turn every week.

I must also thank so many kind people out there who have been giving me so much support and encouragement, I know I am not Picaso yet (by a long chalk) but its so nice to be spurred on to keep trying. Special thanks to Janice from Wellydog for taking time to look and comment when she is so busy with her own fabulous art and studio.

Better get on, my fingers are itching to pick up those pens again.



  1. AAwww, thankyou, I love seeing how you are progressing. You are doing so well and it seems you are getting addicted now.Well done x

  2. You really are coming along brilliantly! The nerd one made me laugh (in a good way - it's been years since I've heard the term 'nerd') I love the giraffe!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I wholeheartedly agree about the Strathmore courses giving confidence, I've never felt so confident in my life! I also haven't started part 2 yet, but have watched the video just to get an idea of what's coming next. x

  3. Thank you again Janice, I am so grateful for your support.

    LOL, glad you remember nerds Zoe, thanks for giraffe love. You shouldnt need the confidence, your work is magnificent, cant wait for your finished piece.

  4. Great work Lynda

    I love the Giraffe and the campervan and alien ones (well, I love them all to be honest but they are my top faves)

    Glad that you persevered and it is really showing how much you have improved.

    Well done

    Ali x

  5. I love the way you have combined the normal drawing and colour with the zen doodles. I have never seen that done before so very unique and definitely the way to go! And no, you are far better than Picaso (which is a bit over-rated in my opinion!!).


  6. Thanks Ali, very kind of you.

    Oh I do hope so Mick, I had a look around and tried to do something different, LOL @ Picasso (he's the only one I could spell quickly)

  7. Wow Lynda...love these ACEOs, especially the giraffe and the nerd LOL! (think I went out with him rofl)

  8. Thanks Julie, yes I think you did - now I know were he was inspired from:)