Friday, 3 February 2012

Mixed Media and Collage

My Goodness, its 9 days since I last blogged - were on earth did they go? During that time I have been learning all about mixed media and art journals, what fun it is too. Having started following a few of the experts on their blogs I have finally worked out what its all about, that is lots of layers and even collage (remember that?) some more books and products later and here are the first things I have come up with. I am quite fond of my penguins, here is a closer look at them.

I am trying to design a birthday card for a friend (and one day maybe even for sale) not quite got there yet, but more fun had trying.

This one had my most layers, collage and stamps ever - I realise I do still have more to go, and of course more practice at faces and fleshtone, it would also have helped if my ink hadnt decided to blotch on me.. cant tell you just how much fun this is to do, I'm told more practice is what helps you get plenty of that going on..

I really must go clean up though, had so much fun this week the OH was away on a course so I had more time and space as totally demolishing the kitchen work tops with paint, glue and my latest discovery 'gesso' was fantastic and he will be back in a few hours, eeeeeeeeek. That and much less PC time, as I the neck and shoulder pain is worse when I am on here, so OH has promised to sort that out this weekend, something to do with chair and space he thinks.

Last thing I did today was make a start on some bookmarks, I have cut out 8, coated them with gesso last night front and back, and I have done some paint layers, sketches and stamps on them so far (well 5 of them). The idea came about as I have lots of books on Journalling etc and keep loosing my place so need some bookmarks, but again its a possible selling idea for the future, so see how it goes - really do need to do something with my shop soon, my supplies bill is getting rather high.. I do have some more bags to list but need to sort out my chair etc to do the photographs (yes, more excuses..).

Ok, waffled enough now - hope everyone is keeping warm for the big freeze forcast in the UK, if the forcast stays true its just for a few days so not too bad.

Have a great weekend.



  1. Fantastic colours, I too love your penguins. It sounds like you are having loads of fun.

    Jan x

  2. Now they are my kind of penguins...FAB! Is that fabric you have used for their fronts? You know what, I have never come across Gesso before! Must go and look that one up.


  3. Thanks Jan, yes far too much fun for one person.

    LOL, glad you liked the penguins Mick, their fronts are my coloured doodles. Gesso is magic, its like a primer for paper so it will stand up to so many layers.

  4. These are great! Can tell you're having fun:-) I got a few mixed media and journalling books for Christmas. Have yet to try gesso... Vic x

  5. Wow Lynda, you've been busy! I love your collage work especially the penguins!

    I hope your shoulder feels better soon!

    Jen x