Sunday, 5 February 2012

Still trying to relax more

Bit like buses really, no blog for ages then 3 at once. I have joined an on-line mixed media group, so I take pictures and load them each day, therefore they are ready to pop on here and only takes a mo. Besides, I do like to keep you all entertained, and the more of my attempts you see the more you know you can do this too, and probably much better LOL.
So, OH tells me I am trying to hard again and need to chill out and just enjoy what I am doing without worrying about whether or not I will create the next masterpiece. Today has been just that and my creation of Freda the Fish and her dancing friends now has him quite concerned the plot is on its way down the road - I thought it was fun turning my silver slodgy circles into little dancing characters, poor Freda was not as whimsy as she should have been, my head had her more floaty I dont quite have the hang of that yet...

Now although Teddy is not the best he did teach my how to free draw with charcoal on layers today, was a bit scary but improvement on the outlines than ink I think so might be having another go at this, I had quite a time playing with charcoal today basically just making marks to try get some control.

Lasty is today's Art Journal entry, I have joined a few groups on this too so sorry you may well be subjected to viewing some waffle in the journal from time to time, Art Journals are great for daily practice. Tomorrows pages are currently gesso coated in readiness for then, not that I have a clue what I am doing yet if anything.. as spending most of the morning having to split up all the dog walking with having no car then the afternoon awaiting the fix-it man, not ideal to start any painting so hoping there will be some time left afterwards.

We were lucky enough not to get any snow here over the weekend, though it was very chilly earlier with freezing fog and ice, the pavements were deadly - good job I just walk my oldest dog first thing, although I was slower than her today and the penguin style walking is not kind to the legs. The local park walk with them all later on was ok, still icy and both Alfie and Jaja managed to fall over on the ice, the old lady Tess had more sense though and avoided the slippery parts.

Hoping we get a few warmer days in, I'm told the freeze is back for next weekend though, bbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr.


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  1. Thankyou for your comment re dogs. She is not a little dog, I just refer to her as that, the Vet told us a few years ago that she was part fox, he suggested her gran was got at by a fox which figures as she came off a New AGe Travellers site. She is something between the size of a spaniel and a Lab.