Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All About Layers?

I am still TRYING!! Lucky enough to have met some truly wonderful people out there in the art world who are teaching me about this layer lark in mixed media. Each time I do one it goes horribly wrong, so I have been advised to show each layer as I go along, so we can all see what happens. Everyone else can enjoy watching just how much mess I can make each day.

I started out with my latest toys that I love, they are Derwent Inktense pencils, so you start off simply scribbling about with them - good eh?

Then, just add some water.. yes, just water and they turn into bright ink

Next I added a bit of collage, just a few paper scraps..

Then out with the paint brush and Acrylic paints, and stamps

Finishing off day one once it was all dry with an indian ink pen and nib, adding a bit of doodling...

I think I know were I am heading... just waiting on the postman for the next bit of collage etc, wonder just how badly I can get it to turn out this time LOL. Also working on a birthday card, but think I need stronger card so it can stand up.. Talking of which, today is of course Valentines Day and Also my wedding anniversary, my Mum makes cards in her free time, she is very good. This is what she made for us today, has my favourite things on the front, nice glass of wine or two and my dogs.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day today, I will update what happens next on the orange peril when its done, fingers crossed.



  1. wow those pencils surely are magical and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next to your masterpiece!

    Hope you had a great Valentines day and Happy Anniversary!


  2. Love the way you've added the layers and the colours are fab.

    Your mums card is beautiful - hope you had a wonderful day

    x Hilda

  3. LOL Mick, Masterpiece indeed quite a way from that one yet, but will show when its done.

    Hi Hilda, thank you for joining me I love your blog.

  4. I love watercolour pencils, they're a bit of magic.
    Lovely brilliant colours too.
    It's a good idea to take pics of the process in case you want to replicate a particular look.

    Jan x

  5. Thanks Jan, though not sure I have to worry about replicating yet.. but you never know should think more positive LOL.