Saturday, 4 February 2012

Oh dear, well I tried

As I said yesterday I had this great idea to make some bookmarks, so last night they were all cut out and gesso added ready to begin today. Still on the mixed media, aka make a big mess and try turn it into something nice? well... I made the mess! Not quite turned out as I had hoped and still not finished, but I will continue anyway to be sure my idea works even though the design clearly does not, YET.

The OH has informed me I have gone back to trying to hard, I must just enjoy and stop trying... not quite so easy as catastrophe struck last night on his return with his car on the back of the flatbed AA truck. As if that wasn't bad enough he went out to move my car to clear space and my back rear window exploded! so we currently have both vehicles off the road with hefty repair bills each. Of course on the bright side, thank heavens it happened last night and not today when the dogs were in the car, doesnt bare thinking about.

But, doesnt help my 'trying to hard' thing as these darn cars need paying for and unless I start shaping myself in some way I will be out of funds for my next tub of gesso! not to mention (get this) after reading Zoe's blog, seems I also need some 'Modge Podge' (bet that blew your mind Mick)..

Before I started on the Greyhounds today I first tried in my Art Journal, you see I have the 'theory' just cant quite get the effect I wish onto the paper. As my illustrator friend says 'PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE' better go do some more, just some light sketching tonight see if I can improve that.

No snow here as yet, but an awful lot of rain - just right for nice loooong dog walks now I have no car for a few days, and there I was worried about driving in it not a problem now. Every cloud and all that..

Thats all for now, lets see what tomorrow brings.



  1. Do you know, I think I agree with him. The first two are lovely but the second two look as if you have done too much to them, I know what I mean but having a job to explain it. The first still have that clean, clear look which has gone from the others. I am certainly not critisizing as I couldn't do half as good. lol.
    What weather to be without your cars. What bad luck. Its hard to believe that two could go at the same time isnt it and I bet you love having extra bills in "the bill season" just after Christmas too.

  2. No, thats great Carol - critique is good, thank you for taking the time. Seems I do need to go back to trying to relax more.

    Not the best timing for the cars no, wouldnt mind but OH has a land rover just for the bad weather, and its now off the road not to mention costly.

  3. ouch, I HATE cars and hope you manage to get them sorted soon.

    You know what (and I am not just saying this) but I like the book marks, especially the owl one.

    haha, I used to use Modge Podge all the time (until I discovered that its just a fancy name (and price) for what is essentially watered down PVA glue).

  4. Thanks Mick, you are too kind - going to finish off a couple today, see how that goes.

    Well, thank you for that - I didnt know what the Modge Podge was really, luckily due to car expense I havent bought anything else, I have plenty of PVA.

  5. Hy Lynda, Google 'how to make Modge Podge' there are lots of ideas including how to give it a matt or gloss finish.


  6. Thanks Mick, off to have a look. I just varnished my book mark with acrylic medium gloss, this might be a better idea.