Sunday, 19 February 2012

Happy Birthday Julie

Its my oldest friends birthday today. See just how lucky she is to have a handmade birthday card, one of my earlier girls so not as good as they are getting, but I started a while back trying to make the card, and this was take 3. Didnt get to see Julie today as she was still in bed when I called with her card and pressie, at 11am!! alright for some, I was on the way back from walking the dogs on the beach then.

I have joined the most fabulous new group for art journalling, so hope to find time to tell you about that next. Just what I needed to share what I do and find an awful lot of help and support, and so much to do there too. Its called 'Book of Days' so yesterday I made a new art journal for it and did myh first page today, starting to feel better already so hopefully I might even get back to running my Etsy shop soon, and joining in with the Crafty Folk team.

I bought Julie some art stuff for her birthday, so am expecting great things to share with you in the future from her, no excuses now. I also forgot to buy some wrapping paper so I made that too yesterday, brown paper and decoupage, with handmade gift tag.

Glad you liked it Julie, and its great to put in the effort for someone who appreciates it, I dont know too many people who would. Look forward to seeing you later in the week mate, thats if you are adjusting to this great old age ok:)


  1. There is nothing like receiving a lovely handmade card but to get handmade wrapping paper too is fab!


  2. Hello! Just had a big old catch up on your blog - I love the 'relax and enjoy' page you did!
    Thanks for the link to Book of Days, I will check it out later.
    Also really love the look of that handprinted wrapping paper.
    Great to see you're really getting into this art journaling lark - looks like you're having a lot of fun with it :)
    Zoe x