Monday, 20 February 2012

Book of Days 2012

I mentioned yesterday joining a wonderful new group for art journalling, this group is called Book of Days 2012. It started at the beginning of January so I'm a bit late but that doesn't matter you can join anytime. Also its FREE to join, though you can pay a very small amount to join a premium class to if you wish. Run by a wonderfully kind lady called 'Effy' who does a weekly video to show you lots of tips on how to do so much with mixed media and your art journal.
Not only that, but there is also a facebook group full of wonderful members giving support and encouragement to each other, and a flickr page to show off your works and look at others.

So, I set to work creating a new handmade journal just for this... taking a redundant book I no longer use and covering with brown paper, not one of my better ideas as brown paper didnt really like gesso.

Then I had a play to decorate the cover. Might have been an idea if I had waited for my introductory email from Effy who shows you how to do this much better, so for my next book I will follow her advice, but still there is no right or wrong way to do things, just have fun doing it.

Not having had the best of weekends my first page was not such a happy one, so we will leave that one out. This is my second page I did today, you see I am practicing painting my girls, and still need plenty more practice - but this is more of a fun and less stresful way to do it.

I think I did get far too stressed trying to master everything, and need to take some time out to relax a bit - so this is just right for me at this time.

So, if anyone fancies starting an art journal, this is just the best place to start, follow the link and take a look for yourself - Book of Days


  1. You paint as you see and we all see differently which is another way of saying 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' I suppose. I remember when I first started to sketch (Too many years ago to count) we had to sit and quickly draw an object over and over again taking just a couple of minutes until finally it became recognisable. I don't know whether mine ever did though. lol.
    I love the paintings of your girls, I feel that they must be completely recognisable.

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  3. Love the pictures Lynda, especially the eyes...definitely your signature. Have you tried drawing men yet?

  4. Thank you Carol, maybe I should try that approach may be some time though LOL.

    Thanks Mick, yes I have had a try at men - must have another go, not many doing that.

  5. I love your place, so fresh and natural...
    love from the west of France
    Peaceful ( from book of days)