Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sad Sketching

One of those days today with very little time to do much, so I decided to just try out some sketching. Its called sad sketching as I am sad today, dont worry nothing drastic or earth shattering, just yet another occasion of people I thought were friends and could trust turning out to be not what they seemed - I can never understand how people can be so nasty to others, does it make them happy? What irritates me more is why I am always so suprised by this.

Anyway, as it turned out this lack of quality time and miseries turned out to be quiet good, well I think so (for me). Remember not so long ago I couldnt manage a matchstick man/woman. So, before I totally distroy these works with paint (not quite got to grips with that yet) I thought I had better take their picture of how they started, in order of my days practice. The first one was mainly 'eyes practice' and just to be sure I didnt ruin her with paint I coloured her in with coloured pencil for a change.

The next one is a real features practice, not happy with the noses I do, so been trying to improve them. Couldnt decide what to dress her in so she matches me today, going to try painting her in the next day or so.

The last one I was quite pleased with, this is the look I am trying to achieve - now whether or not I can do it again remains to be seen, and what happens to the poor girl once I attack her with paint is another point - but still I like her so far.

So that was my arty day today, still not finished the orange peril - my supplies didnt turn up till today and not enough time on Thurs/Fri/Sat to do much - also now wondering whether to add one of my ladies to it... decisions, decisions...

Think I might do some more sketching this evening. Sorry I havent been on any forums today, will try catch up in a day or so when feeling brighter.

Hope everyone is having a great and productive time.



  1. Glad you managed to turn a negative around into a positive Lynda! I gave up trying to understand us humans a long long time ago...wish we could all be like dogs :)

    Your drawing skills have developed so much! Love the eyes (especially on the last one).


  2. Thanks Mick, yes that is why I spend more time with dogs.

    Having said that, so far I have had no trouble at all with people in the Art and Craft circles, must be a different breed.

  3. The eyes are amazing, these are lovely Lynda - they've got quite a haunting quality to them :)

  4. I wonder, did you have anyone in mind when you drew that face. It has that look that makes one ask 'who' but beautifully done nevertheless.
    As for friends past and present my old Gran used to say "Thers nowt so queer as folk"

  5. Thank you Flo.

    Carol, nobody in mind I'm afraid, just trying for a pretty face.
    Your Gran was quite right, I am still struggling with how unpleasant people can be and today how selfish, wonder when I will learn.

  6. I love the first one, she looks so mournful.

    I've started putting my sketches on my blog too, thank you for popping over.

    Jan x

  7. Sorry to read that you were feeling sad Linda. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to people's behaviour which can leave you puzzled - I been there too.

    I think you're making amazing progress and I'm loving your new drawings. Can't wait to see them once you've added the paint.

    Hugs from Jen x

  8. I love seeing your progress you are working though problems well. I am always surprised by people and there behaviour. I find as I get older I don't really have a lot of friends as I have problems trusting people.

    Carol, My MIL always says that, was you Gran from lancashire?

  9. Jan it was you who inspired me to do the sketching, thank you. Not quite as good as you yet though.
    Thank you Jen, all lined up for repainting now, first attempt not so good.
    Thanks Janice, yes I am starting to trust less as I get older not in a hurry for new friends just cherish the good ones I have.

    My Mum and Nan had the same saying, both from Lancashire.

  10. the eyes in your picture are amazing, I think some of your sadness has filtered through as she has a sad face! YOU are a real always amazed by how far you have come in such a short time....
    Have nominated/awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award, please pop over to my blog for more info xx

  11. I love your drawings :) and sorry to hear about your sad times, but I think the fact it surprises you is a good thing - shows that you have a good heart and are an honest person! But I still know what you mean about being upset at yourself, I get annoyed at myself too for being hurt (seemingly too easily) by things others seem to think are normal or natural behaviours, but cest le vie, I know this post was a couple of months ago now but still hope you're feeling better, much love to you xx