Thursday, 8 March 2012

What am I doing?

This is today's question. Think I might turn it into tomorrows Book of Days quote too... I have no idea.
Earlier in the week I was feeling super confident about art, now I seem to be somewhat floundering. I had a go with oil pastels which I really enjoyed so decided it was time to have a go with oil paints, this is not going so well. My friend has told me to stop trying to create a subject and learn the paints, so I have gone back to doing that now.
Last week I visited the charity shop and purchased a stack of canvas's to paint over, I have two now gesso on, some background on them - but not sure about what to do next? Here is the first one, it started life as a brown stitched design, I have added inktense pencil.

Here is the second one, gesso, paints and inks.

Then today I drew this, with the intention of smartening him up and perhaps making the blue one into a mixed media canvas.. since photographing I have added some collage to the canvas and done some painting on my picture.

I also have a stack of mdf boards, I have made 2 little plaques, one a bit of fun for me and one for Mum and Dads anniversary, will show those soon.

My face drawings are going very badly, and the painting of them even worse - one of the artists in 'book of days' has suggested I leave them for a while, maybe I am just not meant to do them, even though I would really like too - or perhaps just trying to hard again? anyway, having a break from Rocky Horror show faces for now.

Before I stop waffling, I must thank the lovely Janice at WELLYDOG I have been lucky enough to win her blog giveaway and will soon be the VERY proud owner of a piece of fantastic art from her, will show that off when it arrives too, I am just sooooooo excited about that, Thank you Janice.


  1. I can imagine some of the great artists of the past probably couldn't paint certain things. Some were great at painting landscapes and some people but not necessarily both, so I wouldn't worry about it. Concentrate on the things you enjoy!

    Congrats on the win and I am looking forward to hearing about that :)


  2. Thanks Mick, not giving up yet though!

    Oh yes, my win is amazing will certainly show it off.

  3. Your friends may be right, stop trying to do 'something' and just enjoy the playing and discovering. Don't give up on things that you think are 'going badly' I love some of the faces you have done so don't give up. Keep sketching and playing with mixed media etc and don't worry about finished pieces, just enjoy what you are doing.
    Congrats on your prize :)

    Jan x

  4. Thanks Jan. Its often difficult to just 'enjoy' as finances dont really allow it, I should be sewing but I just dont want too. Been having a good play today though, making an awful lot of mess.

  5. I have a painting I started last week that I just can't get right, I have put it out of sight and hopefully in a few weeks I will take it out and know what to do, if not, back in the cupboard it will go, I know I will eventually finish it, but there is no hurry.
    Every thing that doesn't work is a learning experience and challenges you to move forward so don't knock it. its the best way to learn.
    I have posted your painting so should be with you any time, I hope you like it. xx