Friday, 30 September 2011

New Weekly Feature

Sorry, I seem to have been a bad blogger again. Dont know what happened really, I just got total block, couldnt think of a thing to waffle on about, how unlike me! Cant even blame being busy this week as since the shock of the totally unseasonal heat landed not been able to manage much at all, I did list a brand new patchwork bag in my new Etsy shop (see right) but not been able to settle to much else, even the new project has been on the back burner.
Never mind though, according to our ever reliable weather forcast (!) it will be the start of winter on Tuesday..

Today I am starting a new weekly feature from my Etsy team 'Crafty Folk' now Lillysnightgarden has explained in terms for a 3 year old so I can understand I might even get it right next time. The idea is we have one of us featured for the week and we each do a treasury with that person featured and choose a theme to add others too. So I thought I would add to that and do a weekly blog feature of the chosen one too.

This week its Mystics Realm
so I have chosen 3 of my favourite items from her shop, not an easy choice as I do like all her jewellery, so if anyone is watching that is looking for my Christmas pressie, here you go!

There are some lovely bracelets, I like this one

Necklaces, like this one

and even earrings, like these

So please do take a look at this great shop, and next week I will show you another one. I might even find something else to waffle on about before that, perhaps the start of winter!

Enjoy your weekend, those of you who like the warmth.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Aw you have a lovely blog and i'm chuffed to bits to be featured. I have suffered like you of a lack of waffling, not sure what direction to take. I put it down to Folksy freaking me out and stomping on my creativity.

  2. Thanks Debbie, we must relearn the waffling technique.
    At least you have an excuse, I dont. Hope you wake to lots of new sales tomorrow.

  3. Love your new bag. Sometimes we need to take a creative break recharge those inspirational batteries and then start again. The jewllery featured is so pretty love the pink cross and thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. I am suffering from this heat too and I am most definitely a winter person, can't wait for Tuesday ;)


  5. Thanks Caroline, enjoyed my visit to you.

    Hi Mick, roll on Tuesday then as long as they dont move the goal posts again:(