Sunday, 11 September 2011

SimJaTa bounces onto Etsy

Well, not so much of a bounce but perhaps a little soft jog. About time I explored other avenues, not to mention the support of some of my fellow 'crafters' who have also decided to explore further.

I still have an awful lot to learn on the world of Etsy, but with my wonderful helpers listed below I will get there, and what an exiting journey it is. As before you just click on the picture to be taken to the superb shops of these great artists.

Introducing "MissBohemia", who is soley responsible for my being able to add my Etsy link on the right of the page to my blog, thank you so much Jen. Here is one of her super items 'Alice in Wonderland Pocket watch pendant'

"lilysnightgarden" a talent I have often admired, and who invited me to the team on Etsy were I feel most at home and can continue to support my favourites. Thank you Dawn. Here is her fabulous mixed media collage.

"gimmethatthing" another great jewellery artist, dont forget to look at all the shop and again, thank you for support. Here is her latest wire wrapped ring.

"Squintessential" my old pal Hannah, always been a great support to me and continues to do so on Etsy, thank you Hannah. I love these 'Dark Romance Earrings' on my list of wants.

"Bluedaisyglass" great pendants and jewellery in this shop, thank you Apryl and here is a stunning 'Dichroic glass pendant, pink moon'

From "Blue Button Bride" my favourite of all her gorgeous bouquets, almost worth marrying again for! 'Tutti Frutti Button bouquet'

From "JCU Designs" my favourite Antique Bronze Pendants (I use these in my brooches too, as I love them) an 'Antique Bronze Pendant Necklace'

Introducing "Flonightinglale" very unfairly treated of late, but bouncing on Etsy with all her great creations (one shown in last blog post too), a superb Balloon Brooch, what a great picture with this one

"Mystic Moon Shadows" has more fab jewellery in her shop, dont forget to look, here is her 'Celtic Goddess Gemstone Pendant'

Last of all from me at SimJaTa, one of my tote bags of only 2 so far listed on Etsy, trying to list one item per day, but sure is taking up a lot of time all this learning lark.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Fantastic post, thanks so much Lynda. We are a clever bunch!! Thanks for your kind words and for including my collage.

  2. Ah, thanks Lynda - smashing bunch of pretties there… I agree that bouquet is *almost* worth getting married again for! :)

    We'll get there with Etsy, think we're all learning as we go along.

  3. Oh no thank you Dawn, for your help - though I am wondering if there is a world outside the PC right now LOL.

  4. Nice to see you Flo, I know you understand the lack of fresh air going on at the mo x

  5. Thanks so much Lynda for featuring my Alice Necklace and I'm glad I could help with the Etsy information. Good to see so many other artisans in this feature too!


  6. Lovely blog, Lynda. We can do this thing together, share advice and listings, cheer each other up, and generally achieve greatness!
    Thanks lots for including my giraffe ring. Sharing the blog to Facebook.

  7. Wow, that bouquet is fantastic..I want one (not sure what I would do with it but I do want one!!).

    Best of luck with Etsy, I have heard it takes a LOT of effort to be successful on Etsy but just know that you can do it!


  8. Thanks again Jen, and Amanda - I now actually have views on my items so its a start!

    Cheers Mick, yes an awful lot of effort already but worth it to actually get somewhere for once.
    Perhaps a renewal of vows for Mrs Shpangle? sure she would love the bouquet too:)


  9. Thanks for the mention Lynda. That bouquet is lovely!

    Good luck with the shop- am loving the bag today :)


  10. There are some amazing and helpful people on Etsy. Good luck with you shop

  11. I have been thinking about the 'do I go or do I stay' situation. It is such a shame that something like this has happened. I wish you the best of luckon Etsy. I'm glad you have featured Flo's items, I really liked her shop and now I've found it again- yey!