Monday, 19 September 2011

Supporting Handmade (2)

Morning all (well just about), I wont be about so much today come down with the most awful cold which is making my eyes stream away - not helpful for sewing or typing. So thought I would just get this blog written before I go lay down for a while see if that helps.

Whilst following Supporting handmade however its made
over the weekend I have noticed a few new shops joined in. This means more talented crafters affected by the changes at Folksy or made the decision to support the others who have, my own application has been submitted and I hope to join them soon. Plenty more upset over the weekend with affected crafters but alas no support from Folksy, or further words. Good job we all have each other and Supporting handmade however its made

Please do click on the pictures and go take a look at the wealth of talent below, the pictures will take you to their shops or websites. Soon be payday so you can make up a wishlist and bookmark the treats you fancy, or gifts for loved ones.

Starting with Pirate Treasures and this lovely Turquoise Pandora style bracelet

From "Handmade in Heaven" this is from her shop on Etsy as I couldnt manage to take the link from the website a great idea for baby

From Made with Love Designs
one of her great cards, this shop does have cards for all occasions so worth stocking up on the ones you might need

From "Snow Queen Trinkets" one of my favourite pieces, this Indian Red Leaf Necklace

"Hearts and Crafts UK" has this lovely bird necklace, there is also matching earrings to be found in the shop

From "Chic Throws" anyone who has read my blog knows just how much I admire quilters, just look at this.. and there are other stunning quilted throws in her shop

"Kookie Candles" has lovely teacup candles in her shop, I love candles they also make great gifts, this one has the scent of orange

You will have seen "Lauras Jewellery" in my blog many times before, I do like this necklace, but dont forget there are lots of others in the shop

"Painted Ghost" has a website, I'm afraid I could not manage to take the link from, so here is her link

Painted ghost
Painted Ghost is a Nottingham, UK based store where you can buy individual, handmade items for babies, children and adults.
Home of the Bibbla dribble bib, Painted Ghost design and create handmade items for babies and children. We also create individual accessories for parents of little ones such as bags, changing bags and pouches.

Lastly just one insy wincy plug for me, my new Etsy shop hasnt had a purchase as yet - ok I know its only been here a week or so but I am going to loose promo time today with being sorry for myself, so here is my latest addition to Etsy

Please dont forget to keep supporting the lovely people above, purchases would be great but also perhaps the odd tweet, or facebook share would be good too.

Hope everyones start to the week is good and you are all staying healthy, vitimin C all round me thinks.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Lots of lovely items to look at and that leaf necklace is fantastic!

    I hope you get well soon...if its the same cold as mine (not sure how you caught it off me) but it will be gone in a couple of days :)


  2. So you are the culpret, I did ask on FB who it was! hope its gone soon got a custom order to sort out and dont like to work if not 100%.
    Yes, there is some fabulous talent out there I like the leaf too.