Thursday, 22 September 2011

Latest Custom Order

Fortunatly things are still ticking over nicely off line, here is my latest order a very special one as its for one of our group of dog walkers. His name is Trevor and he is owned by this lovely lurcher Woody, you can read more about Woody soon here
Alfies Blog
of course the bag is not for Trevor, wouldnt really suit him, but for his partner, I am hoping she likes it as its a surprise gift she will be receiving tomorrow.

Not much time for blogging at the moment, firstly I am to be learning a new craft which I have been busy researching you will be hearing more on that one. Lets hope its more successful that my hat making attempts (remember them?) but I will be sure to show you the failures as well as the hopeful successes, the idea is going down a storm with my contacts and I already have 2 firm orders and not even started yet.

Secondly I am spending far too much time on Etsy, not just transfering my shop there but also busy chatting in my teams, I am really enjoying the new friends I am making over there. I even managed to curate my first treasury this week, though it did take me about 3 days. Hope to try another over the weekend, I loved doing that too, must say I am finding Etsy a lot of fun so much to learn and just so vast, with so many lovely things to look at and make up for future shopping and gift ideas.

Thats all for now as Alfie wants me to go update his blog too while I am here. Hope everyone is warm enough, nights starting to draw in now and get a bit chiller.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~

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