Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Supporting Handmade however its made!

Hello Blogland
For today I would like to support some of the sellers who joined in with 'supporting handmade however its made' you can link directly to this cause from the same logo on the right of my page.
In short, the rules on Folksy changed and some of the jewellery and items you see below are not longer welcome there, others have shown their support by closing their shops for a week, but dont worry they will be open very soon. Without wanting to put a dampener on all our wonderful creativity things have changed at Folksy and I too will no longer be adding to my shop there, hence opening at Etsy. My own shop is still open at Folksy for the time being, especially as we have a fabulous the fabulous CRAFTfest event due soon which I will tell you about in my next post.

Such a shame to see the closeknit community split but the majority of us remain friends and contiune to share our support though many now face a new direction. You wont believe how long its taken me to write this blog, got sidetracked at the new shopping avenue's such as 'Wow Thank You', 'Etsy, and the crafters own new websites, what a busy lot they have been.

To begin is "Lilly's Night Garden" on 'Wow Thank You' with this lovely hanging bird decoration

"Bohemia Artful Glass" on 'Etsy' with this Glass Tile Pendant 'Lisette'

"PrestoBeads" also on 'Etsy' with this Copper Rainbow Shell Bracelet

"Pretty Beautiful Designs" on 'Wow Thank You' with a Gold Glass Leaf Pendant Necklace

"Lemonade and Lamingtons" has a super website, be sure to take look lots of goodies there, I choose this Tiny Little Cute Bag to show you

From "Lou Lou's Luxuries" also her own website, are these earrings I liked called 'flutterby dreams'

"Flonightingale" on Etsy, just had to be this as my choice, I found him! 'Mr Octopus'

"Mystic Moon" on Wow Thank You, one of my favourites, the proceeds from this stunning creation go to Cancer Charities, 'Shining the light on cancer' necklace.

"Thrashion" also has her own website, but I couldnt manage the picture from there, so sought her out on Etsy too, with this recycled skateboard pendant on chain

"Kokokelli" can be found on Folksy, and will be open again soon, just loved these earrings

"Cards with a Difference" can also be found on Folksy and will be open soon, hope I can still buy this card then, 'create your own style'

See, what a lot of support there is there! Dont forget to click on each picture to be taken to the shop for some good old comfy arm chair shopping.

..and pop back soon for the information for this weekends on line CRAFTfest, were you can visit a fantastic craft fair, with a warm cuppa or a glass of something good.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. I am So honoured to be featured by you, and amongst some amazing talent, i'm always in awe of you guys. I love the fact we are all sticking together and offering the support and kindness we thought folksy had for us.

    Off to tweet and share this blog xx

  2. Thank you!

    I wasn't that badly affected by Folksy in what wasn't 'appropriate' for me to sell.

    But I know a lot of others who have been really hard hit, and my reason for leaving Folksy once everything delists is because of the way they dealt with the matter, and in support of those worse effected.

    Thanks so much for the feature!

    Sarah xx

  3. A MASSIVE thank you for the post on SHHIM!!!

    Our aim is to drive sales to the affected sellers's shops and hopefully shift those items that are now deemed 'inappropriate' for Folksy's 'vision'

    We're busy making a bigger, better page for our crafty friends, with lots more information on what's going on.

    Even if you don't intend to join, please do stop by and click, tweet or just shout-out to the people who already have their ads in place - it will go a long way towards repairing hurt/confused feelings and hopefully bring in much needed sales in the run to up Xmas.

    Again, thank you so much for this post and for sporting our campaign badge.

    We'll link back as soon as the new page is up (hopefully next weekend).

    Diddy xxx

    (posted from my generic Google account)

  4. Thanks so much for mentioning Kokokelli hun it really means alot :o) lovely selection of items too xXx

  5. Thank you very much for including my card amongst your lovely handmade items from SSHIM. We are all sticking together as a united front against all those that feel our items are not 'handmade' enough. The more exposure we get to our cause the better. My shop will not be reopening hun but all my stock together with new items not seen on Folksy will be available from my brand new website in October. If you still want to buy the card featured here hun you are more than welcome once my website is up and running. Good luck in all you are planning to do.

  6. Thanks for taking time to comment, I think we all need more hours in the day especially now with so much to sort out. Thanks Diddy, hoping I will be able to join in the future. Tanya, look forward to your new website, let me know when you open and will add link to mine, and pop in for the card.

    Lynda x