Thursday, 1 September 2011

Farewell A-Listers ~ Hello September Embers

Here we are at the start of a brand new month, and the Folksy Talented Crafters are out in force with an array of fabulous treats and gifts to tempt us all with. Last month the daily listing club was known as A-Listers and this month we are "September Embers".
I make no apology for some Christmas Gifts amoungst todays beautiful offerings, as although most of us (like me) are last minute shoppers, there are many out there far more organised and begin their shopping now.
As ever, all you need to do is simply click on each photograph to be magically transported to the Folksy shop to see further details and what else is on offer there so please do enjoy a browse around each one.

To begin is "Clover Jewels" with this stunning creation of 'Bee mine Pocket Watch'

From our resident talented artist today one of her works of art on a greetings card, this comes to you from "Wellydog Gallery"

"Adien Crafts" has a superb change from Lavender, in the form of 'Christmas spicey orange fragrance bags'

These are super, unique 'Christmas Gift Tags' from "Aunty Joan Crafts"

Now this I love, I have added to my favourites as it would make a great gift for a friend of mine, by "Uniquely Yours" a stylish 'Santa Hat'

Like the super cute? then you will love these 'Cloud Hair grips' by "Merry Berry and the Little Panda"

This lovely medallion necklace is also available in other colours, but here it is in 'shades of green' by "Bonny Lass"

Lastly from right here at "Bags of Swank by SimJaTa" the cutest of school or college bags with the little dog who ate the homework on the front.

I hope you have enjoyed my choices, it was very hard to choose at there were 5 pages of simply adorable treats today when I last looked.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Thankyou for including my card with so many Lovely other items, the talent on folksy just keep growing and growing, aren't they all clever x

  2. Thank you for including my santa hat amongst such a fabulous selection.
    I love your new bag, was thinking one of my grandchildren would like it for school. I`m going to show it to them when they are back from their holiday.


  3. Aww, thanks Linda and thank you for FB link too x

  4. Great stuf Lynda! Love your new school bag (of course, I am your biggest fan as everybody knows).
    CLoud hair pins rock!

  5. Tempting!! Love Clover's necklace and Wellydog's duck!!

  6. I love that duck! I'm rather sad not to be joining the Embers, but I'm going away at the end of Sept so I've decided to stop listing until I'm back in November. I hope you all do well :)

  7. Great to see so many Embers featured here, I'm so happy to see so many lovely listings! What a great blog!

  8. Thank you x

    Eva, I need more fans though!

  9. Thank you so much for including one of my medallions! They are such fun to make and I will be adding a new colour every day for the next week!

  10. Lynda, thanks so much for featuring my Pocket Watch, very much appreciated!

    Such a difficult choice amongst all the gorgeous things, your bag of course of stunning, also loving Aunty Joan's gift tags, even though I am officially a late shopper!

    Colleen x