Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Simply the Best ~ of Jewellery

Hey!!! dont go!! yes you there about to click away, this is important...

You simply cant miss what could be the last chance to purchase some of this fantastic jewellery on Folksy. You are going to find this totally IMPOSSIBLE to comprehend, but as of 1st November 2011 some of this fantastic, totally stunning jewellery will not be available to purchase on Folksy.

For reasons my normally 'happy blog space' better not go into here.

Be sure to pay each of these fabulous stores a visit, and quick while you still can purchase these gorgeous items, simply click on the picture to be transported to the shop - all great prices too! ready?...........go!

First is "Rose and Raven Jewellery" with a stunning silver tree of life with white pearl necklace

"Pretty Beautiful for Pennies" has the prettiest Antique Bronze Necklace

From "Prestobeads" a lovely Copper Leaf and green gold necklace

This is such a great shop, from "Thrashion" a recycled skateboard pendant

From a special lady who has worked so hard this month, and also spurred on many with such enthusiasm "Lauras Jewellery" has this amazing Green Butterfly and Cameo Necklace

Another of my favourite jewellery artists, my Mum still wears her necklace bought as a gift from "Bessie Loves", this one is a shabby chic pink dragonfly necklace

Currently marked away, but soon be back to keep a watch on "The Whimsical Wren' who's jewellery I am wearing now, this one is Jenny Wren and her ornate nest

This talented lady has purchased from me, and I from her so can also highly recommend her necklaces and earrings, from "Squintessential" a lovely Angel of Faith Necklace

Another great lady who has spurred us all on each day is "Clover Jewels" here is a fabulous Dragonfly Dreams necklace

Lastly, a very special jewellery artist who has already left Folksy and can be found on Etsy, she will be missed from the forums as such a breath of fresh air. From "Flonightingale" a songbird necklace.

... SimJaTa will soon be opening a shop on Etsy too. So if anyone has any tips on how to proceed they will be gratefully received, took me best part of 3 hours today to manage a new banner, profile and avatar.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. I've been keeping up with what is going on over at Folksy, I'll continue to follow members blogs and/or facebook.

    Jan x

  2. Thanks so much Lynda, that was so sweet of you, what a lovely blog post. Really hope those above aren't wiped out like I was...

    Holler at me on Etsy if you need a hand with anything x

  3. Thanks Flo, sure will. Thank you for adding me to your circle, I dont actually know what one is yet, but thank you anyway LOL.

    Lynda x

  4. Aww Lynda you brought a tear to my eye. Thank you very much for showing all the talent and my own little angel necklace. I do especially love Flo's songbird and her unique vision.


  5. Thank you! This is such a lovely blog post.

  6. Lynda thanks so much for your kind words and for featuring my necklace, which I fear is indeed for the chop!

    Lovely choice and so much talent on display, handmade at its best!


  7. Thanks so much for including my necklace!! I am still feeling gutted about the changes on Folksy, despite Pretty Beautiful Designs being OK, I really don't want to have to decide everytime I make something whether it will be suitable. I want to be able to put everything in the same place and at the moment I'm not sure whether it will be Folksy.

  8. Will be very sorry to see such fabulous talent leaving Folksy, but sure I will find you elsewhere soon:) very much folksy's loss.

    Lynda x

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