Sunday, 2 October 2011

SimJaTa enters the world of Resin

Well, SimJaTa enters the world of Resin rather slowly. After a couple of weeks of research I ordered some kit, and waited for the nerve to begin.

Yes, they dont look too bad, but they were the better ones. My first attempt taught me an awful lot of lessons, but then I suppose that is the idea to learn by your first mistakes, but what a lot of them!

Now, I 'think' the biggest one was the weather, it was just sooooooooooo hot that the instructions I followed were not the same for tropical conditions, especially those we are certainly NOT used to here in the UK.

Are you ready for a laugh? here is what 'really' happened..

As you can see a catalogue of errors there. I did debate on whether or not to show you, but on my quest to learn I managed to pick up a new cyber buddy called Wendy who is also starting out in the world of resin, and probably so she can laugh her socks off at me she thought it was a good idea to show my beginnings, in the hope that as (IF) I get better the difference will show.

If I ever get good enough at this, I might make some brooches for sale in my Etsy shop but anything else will probably remain off line, as I do have an awful lot of potential customers already, everyone I have spoken to about this wants one - no pressure then! Just hoping if they are thinking Christmas gifts they might be happy to wait for Christmas 2012 as at this rate this year is looking pretty unlikely.

Still, I am told it is good for the mind to learn new skills - or is that more people I know who just like a good laugh? I am currently preparing for my next attempt, but thinking of waiting for the cooler weather this time (should be this week then!)

Meanwhile if you did want to purchase some fabulous resin jewellery - the best advice I can give you is to look here Shpangle jewellery thank you to Mick for his advice, and do try not to laugh too hard wont you?

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Oooh they are still lovely! Resin is an awful lot of fun altho I've not done too much with it yet. Got a fair few to finish sanding and drilling!

    Good luck with more attempts!


  2. Yes, got to attempt the sanding bit yet, not sure I am brave enough to drill at all, be looking out for bails to stick on I think. Look forward to yours x

  3. Not laughing at all! I think it is a great first attempt in the world of should have seen my first attempt, now that wasn't pretty and I didn't share it with anyone !!


  4. Thank you Mick:) you are too kind.

    I can only get better thats for sure! Luckily Wendy cant post here yet, but I can still hear her laughing from here from the email she sent, better behave or I will blog about the pics she sent me.

  5. The first 2 are lovely and I'm not laughing at all at the other ones :-) Resin is a tricky medium to work with and it takes practice.

    I'm sure in a few weeks time you'll have perfect pendants.


  6. Thanks Jen, glad you think I might get it right this side of Christmas this year!
    Lynda x