Friday, 1 October 2010

Nature Reserve? But for how much longer?

This beautiful setting as modelled by my friends Collies, is were I walk my dogs most days. As a relative newbie to the walk I have only been going there for the last 12 years. Many of the dog walkers, and ramblers have been walking in this exquisite setting for over 40 years.

Since April this year, many of us have been fighting to try keep it this way. As home to sand lizards, natterjack toads and rare flora and fauna you would think it would be safe from any intrustion yes?... Well no! Apparently not.

Sefton Council have accepted the funds from Cycling England to turn our beautiful walk into a plastic highway. The path is to be 10' in width, therefore hacking down all in its way, aside from the possible 10 metre parts for the construction work vehicles, again removing anything and everything living there since time began.

Now, here is the strange part. Despite the overwhelming majority against, who have attended each consultation meeting, raised petitions, contacted every conservation group they can... today's report ahead of the final council meeting shows a majority vote in favour of this monstrosity? How can this be? Well, of course that is not for me to comment.

Apologies for my serious ramblings today, but as you can imagine I am totally devastated by what looks like is going to happen here. Each day this week I have observed all the nature on my daily walked path with total dismay, that in a few months time it may all be gone, and replaced with a plastic eyesore.


  1. Horrible. It really does disgust me what councils do for money. I could go on and on here but I won't for fear of blowing a gasket. We have a little park down the road from us that has been loved by children since since before I was a child. It is also used alot by people walking dogs, since it is adjacent to a marina. They are now going to build houses on it....because lots of money is being offered, I am afraid this kind of thing is happening all over the country..there I've done it now, gasket blown.

    Mick :(

  2. Sorry to hear of your park Mick, I dont think I will ever understand the ways of the world.
    Join me, I have blown many gaskets today.


  3. Great Result so far, councillers voted against! still going to planning meeting but looks like there actually IS a chance this might not happen.