Monday, 18 October 2010

SimJaTa and Vintage Nature

I came across this wonderful vintage fabric last week, and it had my name on it. Well, actually it had my friends name on it who has a birthday next week, but being my usual useless self I didnt check the measurements and luck was on my side there was more fabric than I thought. So, this meant I could make an extra scarf and perhaps a couple of tote bags. Shown is the only scarf in this fabric for sale, I was rather happy with the results so I then went on to create the tote bag too.

Just to totally confuse things I have the tote bag on sale in Bags of Swank by SimJaTa (or at least it will be tomorrow) and the scarf is on sale at Special by SimJaTa.

Next I must crack on with some custom orders I have, my friend in Ireland has ordered 4 tote bags, and I have a music bag to create I am half way through for a lady at my dog training class, its to put her music in so she can put it with her instument without scratches. So I have made it from notes fabric, felt sides and a velvet lining, hoping to have that finished by Wednesday though slow going just now with yet another eye infection which is slowing me down somewhat.

Took some time out yesterday and visited Mere Sands to see how the goods were going there, more requests to be getting on with and sales going well. Of course all this took around 3 hours to achieve as we just had to walk around and visit the birds and search for red squirrels while we were there. Alas no squirrels, though it was rather busy so probably hiding, we intend to take some time off during the week at some point to visit when its a bit quieter. The Kingfisher decided not to make another appearance whilst we were there either.

Weather is turning a bit now, been out tracking with Alfie tonight and that wind is getting rather bitter, good job I have a nice collection of scarves to keep me warm.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa#
~Special by SimJaTa~

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  1. I do like that fabric, there are so many nice things to look at on it :)

    Hope your eye infection clears up soon because it sounds like you are very busy!