Sunday, 24 October 2010

Custom Tote Bag Design by SimJaTa

Christmas has certainly arrived early at SimJaTa, I have 5 custom tote bags to be getting on with for starters. This is my first one finished, my friend in Ireland has ordered this for her friend and sent me this photograph, I wasnt fond of the background so had a bit of a play, cut the dogs out to a plain background then put in a lilac one with a few stars and reeds to cheer it up. I hope she likes it this way.
Both Folksy shops are taking off very well, and friends are looking to me for their Christmas gifts, so certainly keeping very busy, that and further new idea's and fabric finds to keep the shop in the forefront.
I also have one prize of a custom tote bag listed on Woof Beginnings ready for our Christmas auction, and a stall at Greyhound Gap's on-line dog show, I will talk more about that nearer the time, as want to give them some good publicity to raise funds for the dogs, so will post on that one with full details in time for their virtual show, along with a few facts some of you may not know about Greyhounds. A cause very close to my heart as we shared our lives for 7 years with 2 rescue Greyhounds, although we do not own one right now we still support the work the rescue people do.

We do still have a Lurcher, who up until recently was the perfect hound, as he was raised by my Labrador he seemed to think he was one. Now at the age of 7.5 years he suddenly has found a chase instinct, which really is NOT funny. How he missed that poor bunny on the reserve today we dont know, but rest assured the rest of his walk he was on the lead, worse than that he took the young Labrador with Hip Displasia with him, which has done him no good either. Luckily the older Labrador and the Retriever we were walking were far better behaved, though we did get told off by the fungi people who were having a talk on the reserve and non too pleased at the arrival of our friendly bunch all wanting to say hello.

Hope you all had a good weekend, and it was a bit more relaxing than ours.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Yes, she will like it that way! Much better but how you manage to do it is beyond me, you make it sound so easy!


  2. very cute, that little king charles looks just like my parents dog :)