Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Introducing Special by SimJaTa

Well I have started it!! The new shop is now on Folksy, and has a total of one item currently listed, but the intention is to list one per day at least for the first week and see how it goes. You can find the new shop on my link at the side or here

Still of course got a way to go, a great deal of promoting needed as yet - but I'm afraid as a result of yesterday's vet visit things are going a bit slower. Thank you to those who asked and sent well wishes for Alfie, the diagosis is not good it seems our poor young boy has hip displaysia so will have to take things a tiny bit easier. Although after a very long chat with my wonderful vet last night, we have decided that Alfie will still enjoy to live life to the full while he can with careful supervison, good diet, a few meds, and a bit less weight.

The slowness is due to Alfie still getting over his GA so being very clingy and very noisy, he still hasnt stopped whining, and I have the worlds worst headache as a result of both the stress and the lack of sleep due to said whining dog.

Hopefully though in a day or so things will return to relative normality and I can start some promotion for both shops and get some Christmas shoppers in. (sorry for C word, but it is that time for all us sellers).

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. Oooh, not what I was expecting, but then I don't know what I was expecting. Very classy though!

    Hope Alfie starts to feel better soon and gives you some time to get those Christmas orders in!


  2. Love your first item and looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Thank you, I think?

    I almost have my first sale, scarf number 2 is reserved and I only listed today.