Friday, 29 October 2010

Lets hear it for the Rottweiler

I'm sure many of you find the mere mention of this dogs name scary. But after many (too many) years working in dog rescue never have we met an aggressive one. The dog on this custom tote bag is my friends daughter's dog, please meet Shakespeare the Rottweiler, how cute is that face? He is one of the most soppiest cuddle monster's ever.
The first time I met Shakespeare he was staying at my friends house with her many dogs, the boss of the pack was the tiniest poodle cross who at the time was 18 years old. Shakespeare sadly did not take 'go away' from this little dog too well, convinced he was that really she did infact want to play with him, the result was the little dog hanging from his jowls and him running around in terror with her attatched - viscious dog eh? Still recovering from this terrible ordeal on our arrival he greeted the OH and I with major hugs and cuddles spending about an hour on my knee. He only moved when their St. Bernard decided he wanted his turn at the cuddles.

A wise man in dog rescue once told me to tell those afraid of them to think of a Rottweiler as a Labrador with orange eyeshadow, that is generally the case.

Like any dog though, always best to ask first before approach - you may be interested to know the only bites we have received whilst collecting dogs to rehome and from a pound situation were the most popular family dogs, and not those suspected of viscious tendencies.

Hope you enjoyed viewing the last of the current custom tote bag orders for Bags of Swank by SimJaTa, sure there will be more along soon. I am currently working on some more scarves to try top up the stocks on my shop, and a holiday tote bag.. Whilst also shopping for special fabrics for my families presents this year.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. No, I don't find Rottweiler dogs scary, however I do find some of their owners scary. Unfortunately there are still some people around who bring these dogs up to match their reputation.

    I like the paw-print fabric, was it bought that way or did you add the paw prints?


  2. Hi Mick
    Good point, it is the owners - had a nice chat to the dog warden today about such people.
    Thanks for thinking I am that clever, but alas the fabric was indeed purchased that way.