Monday, 11 October 2010

SimJaTa goes Psychedelic

The "Special by SimJaTa" shop just keeps on getting brighter! Not quite sure what came over me on Saturday, but my latest fabric didnt arrive as it should, so I was a bit stuck on what to create. As the nights draw in I think I just seem to get brighter with the creations. So, as you see I decided on a matching scarf and handbag set, though the handbag will be going on sale in the "Bags of Swank by SimJaTa" shop. Sure will be interesting to see if this time I went too bright. Fortunatly my next lot of fabric arrived today so I can get on with my plans, though this too seems to be brighter than I anticipated, but hopefully there are plenty of people out there like me, who enjoy the bright and cheerful, though I suspect they dont have the sweater collection I have! Probably one of the few people looking forward to cooler days. Some years ago I got talking to a local lady on the town forum, turned out she walked her dogs the same place as I do, I was trying to identify myself to her when she announced " I know who you are, the lady with the purple hair and the crazy jumpers" mmmh, is that good? seems I am quite distinctive, when it gets really cold the crazy wooly hats can come out too.

Wont be long when the chill is upon us, so be sure to visit my folksy shop "Special by SimJaTa" to cheer yourself up and stay bright during the duller days ahead.


  1. Oooh more of the psychedelic please! I do like bright loud colours for clothes and accessories, the brighter the better!


  2. LOL, well thats good to hear, at least I will have one fan:)