Wednesday, 13 October 2010

SimJaTa and the bright and bold

Just a short entry to show the latest of bold and bright scarves by SimJaTa listed in my Folksy shop. Well, one is listed the other is for tomorrow.
Not sure if even I might have gone too bright this time, but I like them, infact my next task is to make one for me, one for my friend and one for my Mum.

Been having a play with backgrounds on my photo's, so got some work to do in my shops to clear up some backgrounds and improve some photo's.

I think the colder and duller it gets the brighter I become, and the bold jumpers are starting to make an appearance.

Hope some of you like the new scarves, and you are all tucked up nice and warm.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~
~Special by SimJaTa~


  1. Yes, really like the colours and your photography is brilliant (can I borrow you!!).

    I would buy something like that, maybe if it was a theres a thought!


  2. LOL, you could but I think you do a far better job at photographing jewellery than I ever would.

    Why did you have to say that? I now have one of Steve's ties ready to disect and see what I can do.


  3. Love this scarf - exactly the type of thing I would love to wear :-)