Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Greyhound Gap On-line Dog Show

Greyhound Gap are running an on-line dog show until 13th November, to raise funds for their rescue Greyhounds.

I have a stall there with 20% of any custom orders from the site, or from a GAP member in my shop will go to Greyhound Gap. Seen in today's pictures are the tote bag I have shown with one of my late Greyhounds on, and one of the pictures I have submitted to the Photo Competition of my late Greyhounds.

It was back in 2001 on the loss of my soul companion dog Vicky I discovered that Retired Greyhounds were actually available as pets, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the amount of adverts for Greyhounds needing homes, sadly some 9 years later the problem is no better. Are you aware that Greyhounds are retired from racing at the age of 3 or 4 years old? The lucky ones are handed into rescue, this is not the time or place to discuss what happens to the ones who are not that lucky.

Greyhounds are a fantastic pets, they are very loyal, very lazy and require less exercise than you may think, often more than happy with as much or little as you give them, 20 minute walk around the block makes them happy, couple of hours in the country makes them happy, but dont expect them to run for long, the stamina is small. One thing they will require is a comfy sofa, when we adopted our second we had to get another sofa. Then, if you are really lucky they will reward you with another ten years of their super smiles and companionship.

Do take a look at the lovely dogs needing homes at Greyhound Gap, all the dogs rescued by Gap are assessed before looking for homes, so by chance if you require a dog that can live happily with your own dog(s) or indeed your cat or house rabbit (oh yes they can!) that dog can be found. Do be aware though, special care has to be taken for children in the house, and it is preferable that you dont work all day, all dogs like companionship and all rescue's do like to be sure you do have the time available to care for a dog. After 3 or 4 years in a kennel environment and only contact with people on training and race days, a Greyhound deserves plenty of love and attention in a new home.

My own Greyhounds lived happily with two Labradors and a Lurcher, they were very child friendly they adored children, but neither could live with cats, being a cat free household that was my choice to take them that way. For many years my old Mum could walk one of mine, the majority are excellent lead walkers.

Convinced? Well, ok maybe you are not in a position to offer a Greyhound a home, but perhaps you could take a look at the show, and the website to learn a bit more, next time you see a Greyhound out on the lead, say hello, and ask about the dogs background, you may be surprised.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Lots of really good information there Lynda and yes you have convinced me, but unfortunately I don't think I could offer the support that they would need..I will certainly say hello the next time I see one on the lead!

    I will also add the on-line dog show to your craftsforcharity page (if I can find the associated forum thread!).


  2. Thank you Mick, very good of you.

  3. Hi Lynda,

    I can't see it for looking! Can you give me the URL of the forum thread for the online dog show?



    Hopefully this is it, will message you on craft forum in case you dont check back here.

    Thank you