Thursday, 13 October 2011

Not a handbag in sight, but more resin adventures

I did 'sort of' finish these at weekend, but only just got around to photographing. My latest progress report on the resin adventures, it has come to a bit of a standstill at the moment as I was awaiting some non-toxic resin to arrive. Also being the impatient person I am while I was waiting I went and purchased some clay and paints, have been working with that for a while, my first attempts are even more amusing than the resin, might photograph them another day to raise a smile or two, all a learning process but I am really enjoying some new challenges. Meanwhile I am still adding to my new Etsy shop, so dont forget that and joining in with my new team the Crafty Folk.

I made these for my friend Sylvia with her dog Zac on them. She is a pink person so they have been added to raspberry pink to suite her style. As you can see one of my first lessons is how to get the photograph to be a perfect round, I think I have found the right gadget for this for next time.

This one is for my friend Sian, with her Kelpie dog 'Tigger' as Sian is not really much of a jewellery person I made this one into a keyring for her. Again, I realise I need to work at these circles, but I think he sits quite well in here for a first attempt.

A range of necklaces here - spot the purple one, thats one of mine of course. The first dog is my Aunts rescue dog 'Sophie' the Staffie, the others are my own dogs, I am wearing Tess and Alfie on purple now, one of my favourites, yes I know the circles are far from perfect but I am happy to be wearing my dogs, and sure Auntie will like her Sophie.

I made some more teardrop pendants, and even added some necklace bails on some of them. This time I did suffer from an attack of the bubbles, which again need some work, and I also need some polish to shine them up a bit more.

I also learnt another valuable lesson about wearing gloves at all times with resin, even if you 'think' it might be dry enough to mess with it isnt! so lesson learnt to put gloves on again when taking box off the top to have a look, as if you drop one its then your instinct to pick it up, this is not a good idea without gloves. Oh and another one, to watch were you are mixing and take more care.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful evening, at least its not too cold yet, no heating on here yet.

~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


  1. I think your friend will love her doggy pendant. This looks like fun.

  2. You newer resin work is looking lovely! I especially like the keyring you made!