Friday, 28 October 2011

New Crafting Experience

Seen here are my very first atempts at trying to put down what is in my head to then transfer to the clay work, now be gentle with me its a very long time since I held a pen, and an artist I am not. But with great enthusiasm I started to paint them onto ACEO size with the idea they might be absract ACEO's, LOL maybe not.. I wanted to create some keyrings and brooches, but seem to be creating (as well as a mess) pendants and earrings too.

I'm afraid even I was not brave enough to show off my first two attempts at clay work, seen here is attempt number '3' I am currently working with different clay forms even papier mache all of which are taking an age to dry out, so no painting has started on the next lot yet, so not too sure how they will turn out. Believe me I am gettting better each time. Luckily I do live by the motto 'if you cannot laugh at yourself what can you do' so here we go, you better sit down...........

This one is 'meant' to be a flower pendant.

I would like to say this was my first attempt at lettering, but it was infact my third and still not quite got the hang of it.

Happy Flowers, I think they would be more effective multi coloured really.

Here they are together, with the complete disasters taken away. You see I do still need a bit more practice, not to mention some more hours in the day to do so. But I am really enjoying this, highly recommended if you were to need a relaxing craft. Even the ever suffering husband has commented how happy I am in my little world of clay and paint.

Please do let me know what you think, even if you are still laughing (I can take it).

Dont forget if you ever fancied a go at another craft what is stopping you? you may find you enjoy it as much as me.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Love them! They really are effective and I so want to have a go at doing some...but wouldn't know where to start...any chance of blogging a quick tutorial?


  2. Thanks Mick, you know me hours of research first. But to begin on basics I started with a block of Das clay and some rubber stamps, then experimented with other clays. As you see the painting I am still learning.

  3. It all looks great!! I tried knitting once, couldn't even cast on let alone make something.

    Learning a new craft can take forever, it took me years to get where I am now and I'm still learning.

  4. Thanks Maria, same here knitting or crochet was not my thing at all.

    yes, time consuming but fun - thats what I love about craft so much to learn.

  5. What a great start to your new hobby are you ever going to know what you can do until you try I am applauding your efforts and it sounds as if you are really enjoying it ...I love trying new crafts, my next one is going to be fimo clay and buttons I think lol

  6. It's great to have a go at new things. We all have to start somewhere. I love the flower pendant/keychain charm. The blue is a great colour.

  7. Yay, look forward to your new crafting too Trish, I have done buttons too not quite worked yet though LOL.
    thanks bluedaisy, seems the flowers are quite popular, will have to work on them more.

  8. I like what you have produced Lynda, the ACEOs and the clay designs. I especially like the sunflowers and the christmas tree.

    It's always fun to learn a new craft and also to watch others as they progress.